We’ve Moved to Kasiyahan.me!

This is something that I’ve also been waffling on, until I remembered: 2014 is my year of the brave. I’ve worked hard on this site, and I think it’s time I took it to the next level.

Thanks to the generous supports of my patrons, we’re now all settled in to our own webhost. We’ve even got a shiny new domain name. All future updates will be posted there, so please follow us at our new URL!

I thought a long time about what domain name extension to get. .com sounds too commercial, .net doesn’t sound quite right… then I saw the extension .me and thought, perfect.

From the very beginning, Kasiyahan has always been about my journey of self-acceptance and self-improvement, about the things I’ve learned, and what I can leave behind to help others too. Most of all, it’s my ever-constant re-examination of what makes me, me, and what things make me happy. So far, I have discovered that I find the most happiness in loving myself. Think of kasiyahan.me as ‘my happiness’, or ‘happiness in me’ :)

We will be archiving as private all the posts in this wordpress.com blog by the end of April 2014.

I hope you’ll all continue to follow me in our new space on the web. I’d love to hear what you think!


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