Photograph taken by my good friend, Krinkle Yap, with a few edits by me.

Hi! I’m Mel, a 20-something year old girl residing in the Philippines.
I aim to remove the stuff that doesn’t matter in life, and reclaim the things that do. I’m currently overcoming my depression and anxiety, and taking steps to becoming independent. While things never go as ideally planned, I still want to live my life to its fullest, even in the simplest of ways.

This blog is named after one of my favorite words in my mother language, Filipino. Kasiyahan (kah-see-yah-han) means “satisfaction, pleasure, joy, contentment.” Within it is the word kasiya (kah-shah), which means “sufficient.” I think it perfectly illustrates how having just enough of anything – and having only the most important things – is essential to creating happiness.

More insightful wordplay courtesy of blogger Rem: “Siya is You, pa-Siya is decision or choice. Siya nawa is amen/so be it. We can tie up a story from this: that it is only you who has the choice to be.

The Blog
Kasiyahan is my self-care blog. I started this in order to document my personal journey in repairing my way of thinking and translating it into the physical world around me. I will document what is important to me, as well as people and events, big or small, that I am thankful for. It will be a record of happy things to remind me that life is still worth living. I want to share the lessons I’ve learned, most often the hard way, with other people who have struggles similar to mine. I also made it to connect with people who share the same sentiments about living simply and meaningfully.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to keep in touch with me through blog comments or through e-mail.